Teri Meri Kahani

ImageGenre: Romance | Year: 2012 | Duration: 150 mins | Director: Kunal Kohli | Medium: Theater (PVR-Saket) | Trailer: HERE | Language: Hindi | My rating: 2*/5*

Favorite Dialogue: “Javed [Shahid Kapoor]: Khuda ne jab tujhe banaya hoga/ Ek surur uske dil mein aaya hoga/ Socha hoga kya dunga tohfe mein tujhe/ Tab jaa ke usne mujhe banaya hoga”

Kunal Kohli romantic Bollywood film Teri Meri Kahani starring Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra, across three different eras, successfully managed to give me a splitting headache 20 minutes into the movie. The basic premise of the film is to highlight the idea of soul mates and the belief in made-for-each-other kind of love. The story is of two souls meant to be together in every life but are separated by circumstances only to be reunited by their undying love for each and destiny. These two souls with no memory of the past life embark on the same journey every life to find the other and ensure love triumphs all. Too much indeed, especially when the lead lovers in the film lacked chemistry across time, and when the talent of Priyanka Chopra as an actress was nowhere to be seen under poor direction of Kohli and a mediocre script, and all she could manage was battling eye lashes and being coy!  

The first episode shown of 1960s looked more like idea stolen from Charlie Chaplain movies of chapters and fast movements (only if they have put a toothbrush mustache on Shahid Kapoor and completed the steal!) and the CGI background to create that 60s environment. The third episode was 1910 showing Lahore with such bold and brazen women that it rather reminded me of groupies from the era of flower power, only shows lack of socio-historical research and knowledge on the part of script writers. The only saving grace was its sound track. 

This super slow, soulless, superficial romance is my Movie of the Day.